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We at Accessories Vault find ourselves continually mesmerized by the unique and individual style of New York City women. Whether we are stepping out for a lunchtime stroll or sitting in a cab at a red light, we always spot such interesting and inspirational fashion on women. The women of New York City are of every color, shape, and size imaginable and bring with them influences from all across the globe. Just think about it…there are close to 4 million women living here, speaking over 400 languages, and many move here from other parts of the world or from other parts of the United States.

With so many diverse looks, there is always one focal point on every ensemble...The Accessory. The fabulous apparel of these women always seems to center around a one-of-a-kind bracelet, a striking handbag, or a brilliant necklace. 

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These New York City women have inspired us to bring you a sampling of these culturally distinctive accessories. Our merchandise derives from multiple world-wide as well as American sources. We frequent the numerous accessory showrooms throughout New York City that bring the latest styles and trends to the market. International accessory trade shows take place in New York throughout the year fueling our inventory. We feature the talented work of emerging jewelry artists. Periodically, we offer truly unusual vintage pieces that we find at estate sales throughout the country.

Our merchandise is ever-changing and purchased in low quantities or small collections. So, when it’s gone…it’s gone! Don’t miss your chance to experience these incredible accessories for yourself.

Open our Vault…See what’s inside…

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